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Medical Stop Loss Insurance (Excess Loss Insurance) is a mainstay for the self-insured industry; without it, self-funding would not be a practical alternative for most employers sponsoring employee benefit plans. Industry participants need advice from an experienced legal professional intimately familiar with the stop loss product and the inter-relationships between the many players involved.  My goal is to provide precisely that, in a way that is substantively sound, timely and fairly priced.

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This site is intended as a resource for those involved in the medical stop loss insurance business. These include insurance carriers, reinsurers, brokers and intermediaries, Managing General Underwriters (“MGUs”), Third-Party Administrators (“TPAs”), and self-insured employer groups. The Cases and Commentary Section reflects my analysis and comment on more than 100 reported cases in the stop loss area.  The Articles section contains copies of the more than 50 articles I have written for Self Insured Industry Association’s monthly magazine, The Self-Insurer.

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Cost-effective litigation in the stop-loss area requires efficiency and experience.

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Many problems develop into expensive litigation before counsel are consulted.


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